We list the contributors with a short description, in alphabetical order.

Črt Ahlin

Črt has been working on ways to enable a fair data economy on the Datafund project since its inception. He is also part of the research efforts in the Swarm team. With a background in statistics, he supports all efforts to make data more available and empower individuals.

Jing Dong

Jing is an entrepreneur and technologist with a wealth of production experience. His passion for distributed systems leads him into reaching data challenges in both technical, social, and business aspects. He architected and engineered many large-scale applications and data services for Formula One Motorsport, Disaster Prediction, Online Media, and Financial Services. He holds an MSc Computing in Distributed Systems from Imperial College London. He currently supports MyData Global movement and leads field data innovations in Fujitsu Global.

Alexander Partin

Alexander is the Chief Privacy Counsel at MidHub. He is a member of International Association of Privacy Professionals, holding CIPP/E and CIPM certifications. Alexander has 15-years experience in the legal profession having worked for an international law firm, major multinational FMCG company, and is now working on the project of building SSI platform, MidHub.

Dixon Siu

Dixon is a software engineer at Fujitsu Limited. He is also the Chief Evangelist of Personium which is the only open-source personal data store platform in Japan. Currently, he is leading the global MyData movement within Fujitsu.