You want to take part in the data economy, but …

  • You believe the spoils are not distributed fairly?

  • You need access to personal data?

  • You are worried about data leaks and privacy?

  • You are paying through the nose for hosting and scaling?

  • You are reliant on centrally controlled servers?

A handful of large players are controlling the data and the added value coming from the it. Is it possible to join a fairer data economy?

You have ideas how to leverage insights from personal data, but no way to get to the mass of data required? What if individuals kept their data in Swarm and shared it?

Data leaks have become the new reality. Can you offload personal data for individuals to control while at the same time offering them unprecedented levels of privacy?

Does storing your apps and data put a dent in your budget, slowing down your growth? Is there a way to offload those cost and scale the system without additional costs?

+80% of cloud data is centrally controlled on servers of four (4) corporations. Is there a way to remove that reliance while having a self-sustaining, censorship resistant, permissionless, decentralised storage and communication Web3 infrastructure for a truly sovereign digital society?